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Living Our Disney Era

Updated: Mar 16

Disney movies, drinks, and ears for every Taylor Swift era.

You have arrived! The Taylor Swift Eras Tour is now streaming even earlier than expected. As you rewatch every moment, we picked our favorite Disney movies, characters, drinks, and more for every era.

Taylor Swift

Disney Movie: Toy Story 2

Disney Character: Jasmine 

Disney Drink: Bubbles of the Sea

Attraction: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 

The colors match with this one, but imagine the music video to “Teardrops on my Guitar,” while sitting on a chaise in Agrabah with the heartbreak that your life has been decided for you… enough said. This album is in its feelings and no scene better depicts the pre-teen growing up than the “When Somebody Loved Me,” sequence from Toy Story 2


Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid 

Disney Character: Anna 

Attraction: Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway 

Anna was PLAYED by Hans like Abigail who gave everything to a boy who changed his mind. And we all cried. This is still country Taylor with youthfulness that’s starting to experience heartbreak for the first time. It’s how Ariel feels when Triton destroys her collection and she risks it all to be with Eric a la “Jump Then Fall.” 

Speak Now

Disney Movie: Frozen 

Disney Character: Rapunzel 

Attraction: La Tanière du Dragon (Disneyland Paris)

Because what is “Let It Go” and “Show Yourself” if not Speak Now? And yes, we had the time of our lives fighting dragons with you in Disneyland Paris. Tangled also completely embodies that fairytale whimsy and naivety of “Innocence."


Disney Movie: The Jungle Cruise 

Disney Character: Mei Lee

Disney Drink: Ottawa Apple

Attraction: Tower of Terror

Minnie Ears: Red Velvet Ears

This album appears to be country but there are hidden pop songs. Just when you think you know where it’s going, it shifts gears and drops you 13 stories and down a winding river. Mei also has a lot of feelings about being a Red Panda, and certainly has a lot going on at the moment. 


Disney Movie: Wreck-It-Ralph 2

Disney Character: Judy Hopps

Attraction: TRON Light Cycle Run

Minnie Ears: Mickey Pearl Ears

1989 is all about embracing your friendships and bettering yourself. Zootopia also has a big city and  train montage that’s basically set to “Welcome to New York.” The GRID in Tron is like the block design of 1989, and that slush is the epitome of drinking with your friends at a famous Fourth of July Party in Rhode Island. 


Disney Movie: Moana 

Disney Character: Maleficent 

Attraction: Rise of the Resistance 

Maleficent was done dirty by people she thought she could trust. I’ll leave that there. But Reputation isn’t all bad; It’s freeing yourself from others' expectations or perceptions of who you are which is giving Moana and her call to the water and Rey and her call to the Force.


Disney Movie: Inside Out 

Disney Character: Aurora 

Attraction: Journey into Imagination with Figment 

Lover could replace “Once upon a dream,” in a modern adaptation, but this album encompasses so much more. It’s about loving yourself, living your most authentic life, and embracing the multitude of feelings that come with being in love. And that could not be better demonstrated than by the emotions in Riley’s head. 


Disney Character: Wendy Darling 

Attraction: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Minnie Ears: Gray Velvet Ears

This album is a storytelling and lyrical powerhouse and with songs like “The Last Great American Dynasty,” and “Mad Woman,” we have a hard time not picturing Scarlet Witch here. “I had a marvelous time ruining everything,” is basically her mantra. There is also a direct callout to Peter Pan and Wendy and other books to film (and ride adaptations) in Cardigan, Invisible String, and Illicit Affairs.


Disney Movie: Brave

Disney Character: Scarlet Witch 

Attraction: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 

Minnie Ears: Flannel Ears

Have you seen the Eras set for Willow? It’s essentially the Will of the Wisps. Taylor even got accused of witchcraft because of it. “Meet me in the woods after dark,” that’s the above aesthetic if we ever knew it.


Disney Movie: Encanto 

Disney Character: Elsa 

Attraction: The Mad Tea Party 

This is a breakup album disguised with poppy tunes and you can’t convince us otherwise. “Let it go” and “Bejeweled” are two sides of the same coin. It’s uncertainty and chaos and losing everything you once knew. But there’s also a beauty that comes with the acceptance of our lack of control. It's making an ice castle for one and trusting that what goes around, comes around. 

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Are you a Disney adult with theme park withdrawal?


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