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12 Disney Holiday Baking Recipes

All the Disney cookies and baked goods you’ll want to make for the holidays this year!

As we enter the holiday baking season, make sure to add some of our favorite, festive Disney recipes to your baking rotation. They’re sure to be a hit with both friends and family!

Epcot’s Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Bring the magic of the Disney Parks home this holiday season with this recipe for the chocolate peppermint cookies from Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays! This double chocolate cookie features chocolate chips and crushed-up peppermint candy cane pieces for a cookie that’s as adorably festive as it is delicious. 

Grand Floridian Gingerbread Cookies

One of the best parts of the holidays at Disney is the elaborate gingerbread houses that they have on display in the different resorts. The one at the Grand Floridian is always a must-see and they even sell gingerbread shingles for you to enjoy. Now you can make them at home with this recipe!

Gingerbread Salted Caramel Buttercream Cookie Sandwich 

The Gingerbread Salted Caramel Buttercream Cookie Sandwich can be found in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion at Karamell-Kuche. It was originally added as a seasonal holiday treat, but due to its popularity, it is now available year round!


Traditionally a treat from Latin America, this cookie sandwich with dulce de leche screams elegance. It can be found at EPCOT's International Festival of the Holidays at the Nochebuena Cocina Holiday Kitchen. 

Get the recipe: Alfajores

Cookie Vom Krampus

This holiday season, Gideon’s Bakehouse has introduced a new mint chocolate cookie that embodies the holiday spirit. The Cookie Vom Krampus is similar to their Triple Chocolate Cookie and features chopped dark chocolate Andes mints. 

Get the recipe: Cookie Vom Krampus

Orange Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

While these aren’t a holiday-specific treat, it can be nice to have a break from the whirlwind of gingerbread and peppermint that happens every year. And you can never go wrong with a Gideon’s Bakehouse recipe! 

Mickey Mouse Holiday Brownies

If you’re looking for a fun and easy Disney twist on brownies, try this recipe for Mickey Mouse Holiday Brownies! They serve these in the parks at the outdoor kiosks during the holiday season, but you can also easily make them at home with a package of brownie mix. 

Mini Eggnog Pie

Eggnog can be a controversial holiday delicacy. Some people swear by it, and others get nauseous just thinking about it. But this pie could probably make the hater’s hearts grow three sizes. 

Get the recipe: Mini Eggnog Pie

Tiana’s Beignets

Have you ever wanted to try Tiana’s famous beignets from The Princess and the Frog? Now you can with this recipe. No need to travel to Port Orleans or New Orleans to get a taste of the pillowy treats.

Get the recipe: Tiana’s Beignets

Mexican Spiced Hot COCO Brownies

The spiced, chocolate brownie is topped with a decorative chocolate piece featuring Miguel from Coco. Our at-home version uses a layer of melted dark chocolate chips on top of the brownies instead of the ~fancy~ printed chocolate that Disney has, but it still tastes just as good! 

The Grey Stuff Cupcakes

Do you love the Grey Stuff cupcakes from the Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom? We’ve got you covered with this simple recipe that teaches you how to make them at home. The decadent chocolate cupcakes pair beautifully with the dreamy cookies and cream flavor of the Grey Stuff. Give it a try and enjoy!

Get the recipe: The Grey Stuff Cupcakes

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Are you a Disney adult with theme park withdrawal?


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