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An Unhinged Review of Allure Bridal’s 2023 Disney Collection

Ranking the Disney Princess-inspired dresses as if I know wedding gowns.

*All photos pulled from the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection on the Allure Bridal website.*

The third Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection by Allure Bridal has officially launched! This year, the collection debuted in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland during a live-streamed event on February 10. Models showcased the wedding gowns, each inspired by different Disney Princesses: Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Pocahontas.

It was also revealed that a collection of 15 bridesmaid dresses inspired by the Princesses will be coming in the fall!

So, whether you are planning a Disney wedding or just want to judge the dresses like you have a fashion degree, here are our thoughts on the 2023 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection by Allure Bridal.

Snow White

Allure Bridal Snow White wedding dresses

D367 — The cap sleeves on this one are darling, and fluffy tulle always screams wedding. 6/10

D377 — If you know me you know I love a square neckline. This is super flattering and the embroidered flowers are beautiful and kind of reminiscent of that ending scene where the prince wakes Snow White from her coffin of flowers. Not the most romantic, but definitely the most akin to the movie. 9/10

D357— The puff sleeves on this dress are most similar to Snow White's dress and is something I miss in the park costume. The flowers feel forest-y and whimsical without the tragedy. 8/10


Allure Bridal Cinderella wedding dresses

D363 — The embroidery and sparkles on the skirt sort of remind me of the transformation scene with fairy godmother, but this one feels like a weak connection. It could be any wedding gown — not a Disney Princess Wedding gown. 5/10

D373 — Now, I personally would never wear a colored wedding dress. But this light blue color is stunning and looks straight out of Cinderella's movie! It's an A-line dress with a sweetheart neckline, and the tulle straps feel modern and classic at the same time (and you can always get it in white). 8/10

DP353 — I absolutely LOVED the way they styled this one during the runway show. They put an A-line skirt of the same material over it. It looked like pants with a skirt and had that WOW / Girl Boss moment you could steal for your own reception. 9/10


Allure Bridal Aurora wedding dresses

D361 — I normally hate strapless (who wants to be pulling their dress up all night?) But there's something about the bodice that reminds me of Briar Rose singing in the forest when she meets Philip. And the scrunched tool around the neckline is too cute! 9.5/10

D2371 — It's a pretty dress but besides the rose lining nothing feels particularly Aurora about this one 4/10.

DP351 — I love that this one has sleeves, and is also off the shoulder. This feels very trendy and classic at the same time. It also reminds me of Aurora and Phillip dancing in the clouds at the end of the movie. 7/10.


Allure Bridal Ariel wedding dresses

D360 GORGEOUS. The pictures don't do this one justice. The sparkles and white color on the runway looked like the scene at the end of the movie where King Triton gives Ariel her legs back and she runs out of the water and into Prince Eric's arms. There's also a tulle bow on the back like the big bow she has in her hair for the "Kiss the Girl" sequence. This is a Disney wedding dress done right. 10/10

DP350 — Ariel's dresses really surprised me in this collection. The pearl, off-the-shoulder "straps" seem like thingamabobs in Ariel's collection and yet, they look so darn elegant. 9/10


Allure Bridal Belle wedding dresses

D362 — A little sad this was the only Belle dress, but as usual I liked it. The somewhat plain off-the-shoulder gown really impresses from the back: there's a corset that ties down into some fabric that is bunched to look like a bow. 7/10


Allure Bridal Jasmine wedding dresses

D266 — The runway style of this one really impressed. The model had this gorgeous, sheer shrug that looked like the off-the-shoulder tulle that Jasmine has on both her usual blue look and the purple wedding look at the end of the film. 8/10

D286 — I like that this one has a high neckline since none of the others in the collection do. But nothing about this one screams Jasmine to me. 5/10


Allure Bridal Pocahontas wedding dresses

D375 — Two words: One Shoulder. It's beautiful and the cape moves in the breeze like the leaves in the "Colors of the Wind" sequence. The material looks super soft and light. Perfect for a beach wedding. 8/10

D287 — This one is a pretty dress, but nothing about it feels unique or on brand. 2/10


Allure Bridal Tiana wedding dresses

D358 — This one looked better on the runway. Think, the Frog wedding where she turns back into a human. That green dress looks very similar to this one. 7.5/10

D368SL — I like the sleeves on this one, but it's giving more fish than amphibian, especially with the mermaid skirt. 4/10

D378 — SHE IS THE MOMENT. Okay, the flapper beads? The sparkles? This is giving the "I'm Almost There," dream sequence and I'm LIVING for it. 10.5/10


Allure Bridal Rapunzel wedding dresses

D366 — I sound like a broken record but this one looked better on the runway. They added a lace train that started at the waist. That said, nothing about this seems like something Rapunzel would wear. 3/10

D376 — It's nice to see a more modest option. The puff sleeves are similar to Rapunzel's purple dress, and the floral print is interesting. 6.5/10


Are you a Disney adult with theme park withdrawal?


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