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An Unhinged Review of Allure Bridal’s 2022 Disney Collection

Ranking the Disney Princess inspired dresses as if I know fashion.

*All photos pulled from the Disney Fairy Tale Collection on the Allure Bridal website.*

Allure Bridal unveiled their 2022 Disney Bridal Collection on February 11 in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. During a live-streamed event, models showcased the wedding gowns, each inspired by a different Disney Princess. These include Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Pocahantas.

So, whether you are planning a wedding or just want to judge the dresses like you have a fashion degree, here are our thoughts on the best and worst gowns in the collection.


D260 — Love the simplicity of the tulle, but how am I supposed to walk in this? 6/10

D290 — Seriously? Flippers? A little too on the nose if you ask me. 1/10

D310 — Just because Ariel was a mermaid doesn’t mean we need to do a mermaid-style dress, okay? And what’s with the feathers? 3/10

D320 — I don’t hate this one. The bottom reminds me of her pink dress where she uses the fork to comb her hair. 5/10

DP250 — Again with the no walking. Am I not supposed to enjoy my day? 5/10

DP270 — This is triggering my Trytophobia. Yikes?!!! 2/10

DP300 — Love the neckline. It’s giving coral or seaweed glam. 8/10

D280 Beautiful! Looks like a white version of the turquoise dress at the end of the movie where Ariel turns human and runs to meet Prince Eric on the beach. 10/10


D261 — This makes me think of her brown dress at the beginning of the film where she meets Prince Phillip in the forest. Not a huge strapless fan and it’s relatively plain. 5/10

D281 — I think this is a very beautiful dress with the tulle and the embroidered flowers. Like a true Briar Rose. 10/10

D311 — This is giving whimsical, cottage core, running through the forest. On brand. 8/10

DP301 — Again, nothing about this dress makes me think Sleeping Beauty. But it’s still a lovely gown 4/10

DP271 — While the pointed bodice is not my style, it does match Princess Aurora’s dress. Both pink and blue 7/10

D321 — It’s pretty with the pink underlay, but it doesn't scream Aurora 3/10


D292 — Strapless is sooooo 2009. And who wants to be pulling up your dress all night? 3/10

D262 — I do love simple and vintage, but this looks like your grandmother’s wedding dress. And I don’t mean that as a compliment. 2/10

D282 — NOW I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE. The subtle rose embroidery combined with lace is perfect for Belle 10/10

D312 — The corset is fun with the peek-a-boo, see-through netting. But that skirt looks so stiff! 6/10

D322 — I gravitate toward plain and simple, but I think Taylor Swift saying “I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here” in “All Too Well” was written about this dress. 5/10

DP252 — The pink underlay isn’t making me think Belle. 5/10

DP272 — I see what they’re doing with the illusion strap, but seems itchy to me. 4/10

DP302 — The off-the-shoulder sleeve and embroidery that looks straight off her yellow gown. Definitely Belle vibes. 8/10


D263 GORGEOUS. I love the beading on the bodice that looks like the pearls she was wearing with the pink dress before the stepsisters ruined it. Understated elegance. 10/10

D283 — If you want your cupcake dress, here it is. 2/10

D293 I think this embroidery was supposed to look like vines on the pumpkin, but it just looks cheap. 1/10

D313 — Again with the vines. I see it. I get what they were trying to do, but I think I’d be better with a plain bottom 4/10

D313 — Again with the vines. I see it. I get what they were trying to do, but I think I’d be better with a plain bottom 4/10

D323 — Looks just like DP303 except with some gold 5.5/10

DP273 — I actually think this dress is quite pretty and looks like the transformation scene. However, I wish it had straps. 7/10

DP303 — It’s pretty, but there’s nothing special about it. 5/10


D264 — I feel like this is what they were going for with DP274 and D294 with the transparent lace? Eh, it’s okay. 4/10

D284 — This could be any dress from Say Yes to the Dress in 2010. Especially if they added a belt. 6/10

D294 — Looks like the train got burned off? Once is a mistake, twice is unforgivable -1/10

D314 — I really like how understated and simple this dress is. However, the more modest look is not at all Jasmine’s style. She pioneered the crop top! 7/10

D324 Sleek and simple and you know Jasmine would rock this with her signature puffy ponytail. 9/10

DP254 — The beading on the top is another exposure for my trypophobia. The bottom is pretty though. 5/10

DP274 — ANOTHER burned-off train? Looks like the train got burned off? 1/10

DP304 — I really like the sleeves and feel like they channel Jasmine, but why did they add see-through shoulders, a low neckline, a belt, and embroidery? Too much! 5.5/10


D266 — This is simple and reminds me of Rapunzel’s purple peasant dress. 4/10

D286 — BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, GORGEOUS. May be my favorite from the collection. 11/10

D316 This is very plain. I don’t hate it but it doesn’t channel that sunshine energy Rapunzel has. 2/10

D326 — The FLOWER embroidery? The sparkle? This is absolutely lovely. 8/10

Snow White

D267 — Love the neckline and the lace, it’s pretty and girly. Enough said? 8/10

D287 — Not crazy about the pink underlay here. 2/10

D297 — Also not crazy about the nude underlay, but there’s more embroidery to cover it on this one. Looks more forest-y. 3/10

D317 —This one is whimsical and light. And it looks so comfy! Perfect for a beach wedding 7/10

D327 — THE LITTLE BOW?! Like the red bow in Snow’s hair? Adorably on brand. 8/10

DP275 — The skirt and all those flowers? Looks like she’s waiting for true love’s kiss. 9/10

DP307 — I like the off-the-shoulder neckline. Looks like the ivy on her cottage in the woods. 4/10


D268 — I can’t imagine this layering would look flattering on anyone. 1/10

D288 — I don’t hate this dress, but there’s nothing special about it either. 5/10

D318 and D318T — The dress on its own is stunning but with the SKIRT?! Love it. Makes the dress itself a transformation reminiscent of the one in the movie. 10/10

D328 — The flapper design is iconic. Looks like her yellow dress in the “Almost There” sequence. 7/10

DP276 — The illusion neckline, the embroidery that looks like lily pads, and, the delicate shirt? Perfection. 9/10

DP308 — This looks just like the dress Tiana wears when she transforms from a frog into a human again. 8/10


D265 — This one has a more interesting print on the lace. 3/10

D285 — I LOVE the 3/4 sleeves and triangle shape of the neckline. The embroidery looks like Grandmother Willow. 9/10

D315 — Looks like a lace doily. Not a fan. 2/10

D325 — Similar to a few other dresses, but I still like the sleeves and embroidery. 7/10


Are you a Disney adult with theme park withdrawal?


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