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A Definitive Rating of Disney Princes

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Did the early princes all look the same? Maybe, but we have thoughts.

We all grew up falling in love with Disney princes — each one more attractive than the last. As Disney’s animation styles improved, the princes’ features and storylines did too. Gone are the days where the man who couldn’t pick you from a police line-up kisses you while you’re knocked out.

But, as were the couple goals back then. Were some of these men even good enough for our princesses (nay, queens)? We’re not too sure. But, Disney sure did know how to draw them!

The Prince

Walt Disney must have thought really highly of this character considering that his name is just “The Prince.” Did he think this was end-all-be-all for princes? Apparently, his name is actually Prince Florian, but who even knows that.

I hate to say it, but The Prince and Snow White kind of look like they could be related. He has very soft facial features, and I know it was the ‘30s, but they could have given him a little more facial character. For having a name like “The Prince,” he’s certainly not your textbook prince.


Prince Charming

Those 13 years between films really did Disney some good because Prince Charming is definitely my textbook definition of a prince. He’s conventionally handsome and charming — he only gets dinged a few points because he’s not the sharpest man in the kingdom. You really couldn’t tell that Cinderella was the same girl because she didn’t have her makeup done? Come on, dude.


Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip is one of the last Disney princes to not have any real personality (thank goodness). Despite The Prince awakening Snow White from a very similar situation as Aurora, he really didn’t have to go through any turmoil to get there. At least Prince Philip battled a literal dragon to get his princess…that’s kind of hot.



Ok, Disney, now we’re getting somewhere. There’s no denying Eric is a hottie. The deep v-neck shirt is perfect, of course, but his wedding outfit is just so sharp. Plus, he’s a dog person!

However, I again have to dock some points for stupidity. Not only did he find a mute girl on the beach and decide to marry her, no questions asked, but then he changed his tune immediately when he heard the same voice he heard while he was drowning. How would you even know it was the same? You were losing oxygen to your brain! And, tbh, he must never have regained it fully.



This one’s a little bit tricky considering that he was a literal beast for most of the movie. And I, unlike Belle, do not find the bear-lion creature attractive. But, for the .5 seconds that his human form is in the movie, he’s definitely attractive. I can’t even really take away points because he was a mean old grouch — I would be too if a witch turned me into an ugly talking animal!



Disney definitely knew what it was doing when they animated Aladdin. He’s a straight up heart throb. Add in a little bit of the bad boy act and you’ve really got yourself a deal.

I don’t love that he tried to trick Jasmine into marrying him instead of just being his cute, dorky self, but he does redeem himself in the end — unlike many princes before him. I hate to say it, though, I like fez-wearing Aladdin better than Prince Ali Aladdin. Sorry, Genie, losing the fez was not the right move. Or, maybe it’s because he’s shirtless as the street rat? Who’s to say.


John Smith

Can we even call John Smith a prince? I don’t think so. He’s just a white English man who thinks he has ownership over the “New World.” As if. Sure, he might be conventionally attractive, but his personality and the fact that he wanted Pocahontas to leave her home for a man she just met (ok, isn’t that the plot of most Disney movies?) knocks him down a few pegs. Plus, he literally got her fiance killed!



I think the Muses said it best. Hercules? Don’t you mean Hunk-ules?


Li Shang

This is it, growing up Li Shang was the one for me. Is it because he was voiced by my childhood crush Donny Osmond? Actually, I didn’t know that until much later, so no. I think it’s because he is not in this war to find a wife — obviously, Mulan wasn’t even supposed to be there. He’s there to bring honor to his family.

Shang is also one of the first Disney men we see show real emotions. Like when his father dies or he finds out Mulan has “betrayed” him by having boobs. The non-toxic masculinity coupled with his rockin’ bod (and great song, obvi) make Shang the perfect 10.



Disney really only went up from Hercules. I can’t deny it, Naveen is hot, but he knows it and that’s the issue. He’s a little too pompous for his own good.

He does redeem himself in the end by showing that he’s truly a good guy and not just the self-absorbed player that everyone thinks he is. Once the crown is traded for an apron, he becomes miles more attractive — physically and personality-wise.


Flynn Rider

Disney’s new animation style did wonders for the princes — comparing The Prince to Flynn is seriously like night and day.

Flynn, like Naveen, is a little full of himself (ahem, the smolder), but he’s a good guy deep down.

He has the most drastic change out of any prince, and that’s what makes him so attractive. He started as a self-centered thief and ended as a man who would give up his life for the woman he loved. Truly, I never saw that 180 coming. Shoutout to the women of Disney who came together to design this perfect man.



Ah, Kristoff. Much like his voice actor, Jonathan Groff, he’s a cutie, but maybe not somebody who would stop you in your tracks. That’s probably why he was in the friend zone for most of Frozen. But, he’s the classic Mr. Nice Guy and for that we have to give him some love — anyway, his heartfelt rock ballad makes up for everything his facial features lack.


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