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How to Make a Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Board

It’s the perfect snack for your Hocus Pocus 2 watch party!

Sisters, we fly… straight to the grocery store because you’ll want to make this Hocus Pocus-themed charcuterie board ASAP. Now that the long-awaited Hocus Pocus 2 has finally been released on Disney+, we’re in full Halloween mode. What better way to celebrate the sequel’s launch than with a snack shaped like our favorite witches?

Whether you’re having a Hocus Pocus 2 watch party and need some spooky recipes or simply want to up your charcuterie game this Halloween, this Hocus Pocus board is the perfect snack. It’s pretty customizable once you get the basic colors down, but we’ll share our formula for how we made our Hocus Pocus charcuterie boards.

Hocus Pocus-themed charcuterie boards



This can be whatever cheese you like — as long as it’s round for the witches’ heads. We used a wheel of brie, a wheel of spicy gouda, and a wheel of cranberry gouda. Remember the cheese needs to fit on your charcuterie board, so you may have to get different sizes to help them fit.

You could also use a white cheese to make Sarah’s hair. Something like a white Cheddar, Manchego, or Fontina would work.


Choose a pink- or red-colored cured meat to be used as Winifred’s hair. We used pepperoni and salami, but sopressata or prosciutto will have the same effect.

You could also use salami, prosciutto, or sopressata to make Sarah’s pink dress.


Vegetables are a great option for the sisters’ dresses. Choose a pink/red veggie for Sarah, a green veggie for Winifred, and an orange/red veggie for Mary. To really differentiate the sisters, try not to have both Sarah and Mary’s dresses be red.

For Sarah, we went with red bell peppers — while you could probably use tomatoes, those might be a strange charcuterie addition. You might be able to get away with using radishes, but those can be pretty light.

For Winifred, we used green bell peppers and cucumbers. Other good options include celery, snap peas, edamame, or broccoli florets.

For Mary, we used bell peppers (either red or orange). You could also easily use carrots.

If you want to make Sarah’s hair out of veggies, you could use cauliflower florets or mushrooms.


Some people might not agree that fruit should grace a charcuterie board, but we think it mixes it up. We only used fruit to make Sarah and Mary’s hair, however, you could use it for their dresses as well.

While we will argue that fruit belongs on a charcuterie board, we do think that there needs to be at least two fruit components. If you only use one fruit, it will look a little out of place.

For Sarah’s hair, we used sliced apples. There aren’t many other white/light yellow fruits. Bananas could work, but they’d probably get mushy too quickly.

For Mary’s hair, we opted for blueberries. However, you could use blackberries, dark-colored grapes, pitted cherries, or raisins.

If you want to use fruits to make the dresses, you can use raspberries, strawberries, or light-colored grapes for Sarah’s dress; green grapes, kiwi, or honeydew for Winifred’s dress; and oranges, clementines, cantaloupe, mango, or a red fruit (depending on what you used to make Sarah’s dress) for Mary’s dress.

Additional Ingredients

Don’t forget the eyes and mouths! As you can see, we had to improvise on ingredients there. However, red bell pepper, strawberries, pepperoni, cucumber, and leftover stems work in a pinch.

The easiest way to make the eyes is with licorice — both red and black.

Voilà you’ve made the witchiest charcuterie board ever! Now, it’s up to you if you want to fill in any gaps with other ingredients. We added crackers and any other leftover fruits and veggies — but you can also add extra cheese, olives, nuts, jam, chocolate, or really whatever you’ve got lying around your house.


Are you a Disney adult with theme park withdrawal?


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Are you a Disney adult with theme park withdrawal?


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