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How to Link MagicBands

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Follow this easy, step-by-step guide for linking MagicBands.

Receiving your MagicBands in the mail is one of the most exciting days leading up to your Disney vacation — even if you do have to pay for MagicBands now. Your MagicBand is essentially your lifeline while you’re in Disney World. It’s your room key, park ticket, PhotoPass connection, and credit card while you're on Disney property. This means correctly linking your MagicBand is extremely important before you start your Disney vacation. So we’ll walk you through how to do it step-by-step.

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Credit: Disney

How to Link Your MagicBand on the My Disney Experience App

1. Open the App and Log In

Open the My Disney Experience app and log in to your account.

2. Navigate to the Account Page

You’ll find all your account and planning tools in the final option on the bottom of the screen: the three lines.

3. Click “Link to Account”

Scroll past the boxes and you’ll find a list of more options, select “Link to Account.”

4. Choose “Link MagicBand or Card”

In the “Link to Account” menu, select “Link MagicBand or Card.”

5. Enter Your MagicBand ID Number

Under the “Ticket or Pass” option, enter your 12-digit MagicBand ID code, which can be found on the inside of the MagicBand. You can also scan the code using your phone’s camera.

On the My Disney Experience app, you can only link one MagicBand at a time.

After you’ve entered your code, select “Submit.”

6. Assign Your MagicBand

Look through your “My Family & Friends” list and choose the person that you want to assign the MagicBand to. Select that person’s name and click “Confirm.”

Your MagicBand will now be linked, but to check that it is connected, you can go back to that account page and click “My Profile.” Under your account you’ll see “MagicBands & Cards,” click this option. Here you’ll find all of your linked and active MagicBands.

You can also link a MagicBand from this page, as well as reset your MagicBand’s pin number.

How to Link Your MagicBand on the Disney World Website

1. Go to the Disney World Website and Log In

Head to the Disney World website and log in to your My Disney Experience account.

2. Click “My MagicBands and Cards”

On the My Disney Experience drop down menu, click "My MagicBands and Cards." That will take you to a page with all of your active, linked MagicBands and cards. These MagicBands and cards may be from past Disney trips. You can also reuse MagicBands you currently own if you don’t want to buy a new one, but if you haven’t gone to Disney in a while and want all up-to-date benefits, you’re better off purchasing a new MagicBand.

3. Click “Link”

Scroll past your current list of MagicBands and click “Link” under “Link a MagicBand.”

4. Select “MagicBand”

When asked “what would you like to link,” select the MagicBand option to be navigated to the linking page.

5. Enter Your MagicBand ID Number

On the inside of your MagicBand you’ll find a 12-digit MagicBand ID number listed. Enter that ID number into the field. If you have multiple MagicBands in your party and want to link them to the same My Disney Experience account, you can add all of them by clicking “Add Another ID Number.” You can enter up to 10 MagicBands, and once you’re done, select “Next.”

6. Assign Your MagicBand

You need to assign each MagicBand to a person in your party. For each MagicBand that you are linking, click the drop-down menu under “Match To” and select the person that the MagicBand belongs to. After you’ve assigned all your MagicBands, click “Next.”

7. Confirm Your Information

Confirm all the information is correct and click “Finalize Selection,” then your MagicBand is linked and ready to use.

Now that your MagicBands are linked to your account, all of your park and dining reservations are linked and you’re ready to enjoy your Disney vacation. Let the anticipation begin!

Do You Need To Purchase a MagicBand?

Because MagicBands are no longer complimentary, you don't technically need one. The Disney MagicMobile Service through the My Disney Experience app can do almost everything that the MagicBand can do. Just hold your mobile phone up to the scanner, like you would your MagicBand, and you can gain access to the parks, charge purchases to your linked credit card, and check into Lightning Lane entrances and virtual queues.

The MagicMobile Service is available on Apple and Android phones — and the MagicMobile pass can be added to your iPhone or Apple Watch wallet for easy use.

What Is MagicBand+?

MagicBand+ was introduced during the 50th Anniversary celebration in 2022. In addition to the functionalities of the traditional MagicBand (like entering parks, opening resort doors, linking PhotoPass, and making purchases), MagicBand+ unlocks extra magical moments around the Disney parks.

The MagicBand+ lights up and dances to the music during nighttime spectaculars. It creates magic at each Disney Fab50 character statue throughout the parks. And it allows you to search for virtual bounties while in Galaxy's Edge.

The major downside of the MagicBand+ is that the cheapest option is $35, which is a steep price to pay when MagicBands used to be free.

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Are you a Disney adult with theme park withdrawal?


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